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Feeling Frowzy…

Feeling frowzy on this Sunday afternoon.  We’ve got no food…we’ve got no jobs…OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLIN’ OFF!!!!!

Okay…just calm down!  Alabama is 11-0 for the first time since beating Auburn at Legion Field in 1994.  The Tide gave the Tigers their first loss in two seasons, and first ever for Terry Bowden as head coach at AU.  The game was decided when the Bama defense stopped Tiger receiver Frank Sanders an inch shy of the first down marker on a fourth down pass over the middle:

The atmosphere in Bryant-Denny Stadium during Saturday’s victory over Mississippi State was electric, and Tuscaloosa is officially upside-down.  In two weeks, Alabama will be looking for its first ever win over Auburn in Bryant-Denny, and although we don’t think it has hit the Crimson Tide Nation yet, the 73rd Iron Bowl will be one of the most important games in Alabama football history…and pretty damn important for Auburn too, as the future of its head coaching position may hang in the balance (Many folks believe Tommy Tuberville’s current six-game winning streak over Bama is the main reason he’s still employed by Auburn University).

For a fortnight, we will be posting bits of history from The Greatest Rivalry in All of Sports, and beginning Monday, November 24, 2008, will count down the top-5 greatest Iron Bowls of all-time.

3 comments on “Feeling Frowzy…

  1. oskie says:

    I hate you for saying that it’s the greatest rivalry in all of sports.

  2. mookie-szpilman says:

    Sorry oskie. I know that stings.

  3. Eor says:

    I believe Bama/Auburn is the greatest rivalry in all of sports. I have heard that fans of Tennessee and Alabama (I have not heard first hand from an Alabama fan but I’ve heard it whispered) feel that the Bama/Tenn rivalry is even bigger than the IRON BOWl. While the Bama/Tenn rivalry is an exciting one, it is completely bogus to believe it is any bigger than the Bama/Auburn rivalry. If you were to ask football fans across the nation what the biggest rivalry in sports is, the Bama/Tenn rivalry would be mentioned maybe by groups in Northern Alabama and Tennessee…but no where else…and Bama/Auburn would be echoed from coast to coast.

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