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JoePa: Still Incredible

Every Day Should Be Saturday has video of Joe Paterno’s Friday night speech to the Penn State student body.  JoePa delivered it on the eve of what may be his final regular season game, a 49-18 rout of Michigan State.

In his 43rd

In his 43rd year as head coach at Penn State University, JoePa is as funny, inspiring, and wonderful as he's always been.

 The greatest coach alive is still as captivating as ever, and his success means so much more after reading this a month ago, also courtesy of EDSBS.

The best of the incredible speech: 

We are so fortunate…there are people who discovered great drugs…did they ever have 100,000 people applaud them?…We have a guy like Derrick Williams that makes a little touchdown run that I coulda run…in my day.  Goes in for a touchdown…100,000 people think he’s the greatest thing to ever happen…

…You know what?  Isn’t it wonderful?  Isn’t wonderful we can all come together, share great moments, share great pride, share being Penn State?  Isn’t it great?  Isn’t it great?  …Of all the teams I ever coached, and obviously as you know, I’ve coached a lot of them.  Of all the teams I ever coached, when I go to bed at night, I probably think more about these guys than any group I’ve had…I worry about some of them…I’m thrilled with some of them…some of them inspire me because they work so hard to be good.  They overcome a lot of things, some of them…they stuck together…and I don’t care who we play…

…We may have slipped this much in one game, but we’ve got a heckuva football team.  And the guys you’re gonna cheer for tomorrow are a great bunch of people…we’re gonna win tomorrow.  WE’RE GONNA WIN TOMORROW!  AND WE’RE GONNA BE PENN STATE!  WE ARE PENN STATE! 

…And by God, if they don’t win, I’m gonna kill ’em!!!

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