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What a Nice Guy…

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban has much to be thankful for this holiday season: Jim McElwain, avoidance of the injury bug, Jarrett Lee’s terribleness, just to name a few things.  Thursday morning, Saban expressed his thanks and appreciation for the UA supporters, fans, and media.  He will enjoy his Thanksgiving meal, which comes just two days before ‘Bama’s grudgematch with hated rival Auburn, at his Tuscaloosa home, with his family and about 20 Tide players.  

Ah, just what he wants right now, we’re sure: a little time to rest and relax and focus on something other than smashing in the Tigers’ heads. 

‘It is a time to give thanks, be thankful and appreciative of all that we have, all the gifts that we have, all the relationships that we have,’ Saban said.  ‘I’d certainly like to wish all of our supporters and fans and all the media and the people who cover our team and invest a lot of time in giving them the exposure they certainly deserve, have a great Thanksgiving, to you and your family as well as to all of our supporters and fans out there.’

                              – UA head football coach Nick Saban, Thanksgiving 2008


Nick Saban

Nick Saban eats his Thanksgiving Dinner at the kiddie table. Because it's the only table in the house near a television so he can study Auburn QB Kodi Burns's tendencies on 2nd down when there's one running-back and a tight end in the game. And he can feed his cranberry sauce to the dog underneath the table without Terry seeing. Nick Saban hates cranberry sauce.

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