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2009 UA Football Schedule



Red Elephants

5 comments on “SEC Championship Lines

  1. oskie says:

    That Florida is the better team?

  2. oskie, that’s exactly what that means. One game, though. The “better” team doesn’t always win.

  3. Eor says:

    I don’t get y’alls way of thinking. Alabama is undefeated. They beat Ole Miss. Florida lost to Ole Miss. Florida runs up the score on the opponents because they run the spread offense. Alabama’s game is different. I think if Alabama and Florida played 10 times, it is absurd to say Florida would win 9 out of 10 times. You have no basis for the argument at all. Alabama wins this weekend by double digits.

  4. cousinwalter says:

    Florida Statistically dominated Ole Miss on offense. Something like 443 to 320 . The only thing Ole Miss won was the game.

    You take away the 36 yard catch that Shay Hodge had to put the Rebels inside the 5 towards the end of the 1st quarter and Hodge’s 86 yard TD pass to put the Rebels up for good in the 4th, and Snead is passing for under a 100 yards.

  5. Eor says:

    okay cousinwalter…still doesn’t mean sh*t. if ole miss hadn’t scored as many points as they had, if tebow could’ve gotten that fourth down run, if florida had just scored more points, then florida would’ve won…which is the same equation for anyone who has lost a game to win. so, you’re dumb as well.

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