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Pour Some Sugar on Me

For the first time since the ’93 choke slamming of Gino Torretta, Lamar Thomas, and the rest of the Miami Hurricanes, ‘Bama is back to where it belongs.  The Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. 

Razzle ‘n a dazzle ‘n a flash a little little light

Television lover, baby, go all night

Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet

Little miss ah innocent sugar me, yeah

You got the peaches, I got the cream

Sweet to taste, saccharine

‘Cause I’m hot, say what, sticky sweet

From my head, my head, to my feet…

Alabama lost its first Sugar Bowl, falling to Duke 29-26 on the first day of 1945.  Including that loss, The Tide is 8-4 in the bowl game:

1945Goal Line Stand

Duke          29

Alabama   26


Texas        27

Alabama   7


Alabama  10

Arkansas  3

1964McElroy 1980 Sugar Bowl

Alabama  12

Ole Miss    7


Alabama  34

Nebraska  7

1973 (played on Dec. 31st, 1973)

Notre Dame  24The Strip

Alabama        23

1975 (played on Dec. 31st, 1975)

Alabama    13

Penn State  6


Alabama   35

Ohio State  6

1979 (“The Goal Line Stand”)

Alabama    14Tide on Torretta

Penn State  7


Alabama  24

Arkansas  9


Miami (FL)  33

Alabama       25


Alabama       34

Miami (FL)  13

Contrary to what Robbie says, New Orleans does want Alabama around, and Def Leppard does NOT suck:


2 comments on “Pour Some Sugar on Me

  1. You Cats have No Shame.
    Shameless You!
    Def Leopard did too suck!
    And you made him cry you…

    But I guess we’re for Bama in the Sugar Bowl right?
    You want the Ladder to give an official Role Tide on da’Sweet Side???
    No Dain Bramager Derrruh… HA!
    Hell Yeah! hahahahaha!
    Why do you think so many of us ran to Tuscaloosa for Katrina?
    I know you saw us… wandering around aimlessly in the supermarkets looking for the liqueur isles?

    Yes Sugar Bowl and the Tide go waaaayyy back you know it.
    Editilla~New Orleans Ladder

  2. Ed,

    We saw y’all in Tuscaloosa after that bitch Katrina. It really hit home for us, jogging around the track at the Rec Center — rows upon rows of cots, personal possessions, and Louisiana survivors, sprinkled on the gym hardwood below.

    But your amazing village is back and better than ever before…just returned from Rue Bourbon today, as a matter of fact…tired but satisfied as always.

    Looking forward to watching The Tide steamroll the Utes in the grand city of New Orleans on Jan 2nd! We would sure appreciate a “holler” on Da Ladder.

    Where y’at du-bra??? Y’all come back now…ya hear???

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