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Felicitaciones Ocho

julioJulio Jones broke the all-time college football record for most receptions in a game during Friday night’s Sugar Bowl.  

The Alabama receiver shattered the previous record of 24 (held by three different players) when he hauled in a miraculous 63 passes in The Tide’s losing effort vs. Utah.

Apparently ‘Bama scrapped its usual formations for the game, and stuck with a one-wide receiver (Jones, at right) set.  No other Tide receiver even dressed out for the game. 

Jones, who was recently named this year’s Freshman of the Year in the SEC, only managed 77 yards receiving, however, because the Utah defense knew quarterback John Parker Wilson would look to throw to him and no other player  on Every.  Single.  Play.  

All-SEC tailback Glen Coffee caught a few passes out of the backfield also, as ‘Bama decided his rushing skills (1,383 yards for the season) just weren’t good enough for the nasty Ute defense.

When asked why he audibled out of most running plays, which were the key to The Tide’s 12 wins this season, and opted for the pass, Wilson said, “Rushing the football was just getting boring.  I wanted to mix it up a little bit…challenge ourselves.  Oh, and I enjoy having my face slammed into the turf every other play.”  

“Even though we lost, the thrill of getting earholed from the left side was just awesome,” Wilson added.

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  1. oskie says:

    Honk if you sacked JPW

  2. Richard its your Mother says:


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