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Cowboy’s Farewell to the 2008 Season

In many ways, Youtube star Cowboyintn1979 embodies the characteristics of at least one sect of the Crimson Tide Nation. He ain’t ‘zactly perfect, but as Sporting News bloggist Spencer Hall explains, his latest video displays class, humility, and “magnetic sexiness.”

Sure, he could have taken the moment to claim that Utah, despite laying an unqualified beatdown on Alabama in the Sugar Bowl this past Saturday night, was not the better team. Many a bitter fan has done just such a thing. If you thought he’d do that, or get through the video without lighting a cigarette, you just don’t know Cowboyintin1979, do you?

– Spencer Hall, Sporting News

Between slugs of Bud Light, actually lighting a Marlboro Red during the video, smooth pulls, and cool mouth/nose exhalations, Cowboy delivers feelings universal to most ‘Bama followers.

“Ol’ second quarter, by God, got me…Arenas run that damn touchdown, sheet, I thought they’uz back in tha’ saddle agin,” he comments. That scoring run did, in fact, cause us to scream like a little girl…so much so that the LSU fans behind us at the game laughed at us for the remainder of the half.

But Cowboy also offered gems of encouragement and optimism for the future – e.g., “They’ll come back next year, bigger ‘n stronger…wiser…all that good sheet…”

Farewell to you gentle Cowboy, for now, and good luck with your “future endeavors.” See you next season.

2 comments on “Cowboy’s Farewell to the 2008 Season

  1. Oskie says:

    Crazy. Mofo. And I think he’s from Winchester, which is practically my stomping grounds. And 1979? A year or two ahead of me … I feel like I ought to know him, but I don’t. Kind of wish I did.

  2. You think he’s employed by John Daniels’s outfit?

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