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These People Are Dead Serious

Surely this baby has been discovered long ago, discussed, and cherished, as it was birthed way back when.

But a member of the DCT research team just recently came across this awesome, awesome message board conversation between several Tiger Droppings Cornholios who were concerned with the web-popular nickname of their beloved 2007 LSU football team.

The nickname is renowned, but these posts on Tiger Droppings may not be…and if they are, they are too spectacularly wonderful not to bring attention to again.

The discussion involves 2007 LSU’s moniker, “Gorilla with a Chainsaw Penis.” A couple snippets below, but to truly appreciate this conversation between Corndoggers in all its purple and baby-diarrhea-gold glory, click here.

Am I the only one that really despises this description of our team?…Chainsaws for hands? How about an 800lb gorilla carrying a chainsaw? Why is it his penis?

– Ye Olde Tiger, LSU poster/corndog aficionado

Gorillas actually have the smallest penis of all the primates. I would rather it be a blue whale with a chainsaw penis.

– crazy4lsu, LSU poster/wears collarless deep-v-neck shirts

It’s a creative and funny descriptive. I have found that really dour people and excessively literal people despise it. People named Francis. And accountants.

– LSUpimp, LSU poster/probably a pimp in Louisiana

My middle name is Francis, got a problem with that? Not an accountant though. Taxidermy.

– Ye Olde Francis Tiger, LSU poster/corndog aficionado AND a taxidermist


Werewolf? Gorilla? Does it's got a frickin' chainsaw dick!!!

The name actually originated early in the 2007 season when EDSBS described LSU as “A Werewolf with a Chainsaw for a Dick.”

The description transformed into the Gorilla version shortly thereafter, and an explanation of that entire transformation would be like the Supreme Court attempting to explain what the Framers of the Constitution meant when they wrote “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Werewolf, Gorilla, gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit…it has a deathly dangerous power tool as its genitalia.

Apparently, the world-wide-web is no different than any other medium of communication, in that descriptions and meanings can evolve when floated through different human minds. Reminds us of the old game, “Telephone.”

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