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2009 UA Football Schedule



Red Elephants

Mandel’s Top-25 for 2009

When not tearing it up

When not whipping up P-in-V casserole at NYC's hottest clubs, Stewart Mandel writes about college football, and he's good at it.

Stewart Mandel of CNN/SI has released his whirlybird 2009 NCAA football rankings. Notable because not only is Mandel pretty funny, but also he admits when he’s wrong – a sports writer attribute more pleasing than accuracy…when dealing with predictions and the such.

Mandel’s January College Football Top-25 for 2009 (SEC Teams in ALL CAPS):

Mandel 2009 Top 25

DCT Observations:

– Is the SEC supposed to be weak next year? If Mandel’s early picks are any indication, then yes, relatively. Great, grand, wonderful. Bring it on.

Loretta Quagmire

Coach Nutt, for the sake of the Rebels' 2009 season, please stay away from Cleveland's wife.

– Everyone is high on Houston Nutt and Ole Miss. Something’s gotta mess this up…a weak secondary, a mid-September trek to Columbia, S.C…an affair with Cleveland’s Wife…something. Giggity.

– Thank God there may be a chance Ohio State, after sucking in many-a-BCS bowls, won’t get its usual top-3 preseason ranking.

How did Mandel do, based upon his January rankings LAST year?

Not too shabby. The problem with rankings this early is that previous season bowl performances (see Georgia), recruiting success (see Illinois), and Super Bowl nacho cheese can cloud even the most rational prognosticators. A few notes on Mandel’s January ’08 Top-25…more on last year’s than this year’s, because hindsight is, in fact, 20/20:

– Well, Georgia, which he ranked #1 at this time last year, was a letdown.

New Year. New Leaders. Same stupid Soul'ja Boy dance.  Fail.

2009: New Year. New Leaders. Same stupid Soul'ja Boy dance in black jerseys. Fail. Again.

Not much criticism there – most people outside the SEC didn’t Knowshit back then when it comes to Mark Richt and UGA’s mastery of choke art.

– He fell for Ohio State for the ninth straight year, as did most others, ranking the Buckeyes #2.

– He had both Florida (#4) and Oklahoma (#7) in his early top-10.

Ryan Perry-Lou had not yet finally gotten on Coach AssHat‘s last nerve, so LSU (#6) was looking unstoppable.

– The Tigers of both Missouri (#5) and Auburn (#8 ) were busts, but both teams looked good on paper at this time a year ago. Same with Wisconsin (#9).

Kansas, Tennessee, Clemson, and West Virginia (#’s 11-14, respectively) were all no-shows, but who knew? Two of those teams have new coaches heading into 2009.

– He underestimated Texas (#15) and Colt McCoy but does not make the same mistake in his most recent rankings.


Zook's recruiting tactics are not effective on the field of play.

Arizona State at #16??? Stew, Jake Plummer graduated over a decade ago. Don’t do that again. Ever.

Illinois anywhere among the top-25 teams in the country? Ron Zook is the coach. Don’t let fool you, Illinois is a basketball school.

– Mandel boldly placed Pitt at #25 last year, where he has Coach ‘Stache‘s squad again this year too. Bold strategy, Cotton. We like it.

4 comments on “Mandel’s Top-25 for 2009

  1. Phocion says:

    So, you figure that a couple of those Top Ten Teams are going to bomb out of the rankings next season…Vt and anyone from the Pac-10 not located in Watts, California would be a likely bet. But, beyond that, UT, OU, and OSU. He’s kidding with that last one, right? Three Big2+10 teams is a little much, isn’t it…I mean, he watched these guys perform in their bowl games, against teams that actually recruit, coach, and play defense, right? So why pick beyond UT and OU?

    And, any thougth to the aforemention Department of Correction Facility in Southern California falling off the mark with year after a couple of defensive losses and Sanchez taking advantage of Bradford/McCoy/Tebow all sticking around for another year? (And, yes, I realize that none of this changes that fact that they still get to play a Pac-10 regular season schedule.)

  2. Eor says:

    Ole Miss is going to beat Bama next year.

  3. Pho,

    We’ll see about OSU after the first game vs. UGA. Guess he figures the winner of that game will be in the top-10, the loser just out of it.


    Maybe so…being in Oxford…with 60,000 screamin’ Rebels…WHOOOOO!!!!! But seriously, maybe so, but surely they will err somewhere along the way…probably at least two or three times…setting up a nice return visit to ATL for ‘Bama. Schedule is pretty weak, though, so who knows.

  4. OM’s schedule weak, that is.

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