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Right Now Ed is Playing the Piano

Alabama Coaching Search Update

Presumably, University of Alabama officials are in the process of searching for former Alabama head basketball coach Mark Gottfried‘s replacement. A couple of the top candidates have spoken.

Right now, Mike is avoiding the issue.

Right now, Mike is avoiding the issue.

Former UAB coach Mike Anderson, who currently leads the Mizzou basketball program, said he is not interested RIGHT NOW. Seriously, in a single statement, he says RIGHT NOW 42 times. Well Mike, you don’t wanna wait ’til tomorrow. Why put it off another day? One more walk through the problems…built up and stand…in our way! One step ahead…one step behind…

Now you gotta run to get even…make future plans, don’t dream about yesterday…HEY! C’mon, turn this thing around!


Minnesota coach Tubby Smith also evaded the question of the ‘Bama vacancy on Wednesday, saying that he is not looking at any other coaching positions. “I’m happy here in Minnesota,” Smith said today. “I’m not looking for any jobs.” Ok, whatever…classic line that really means, I’m happy here, and I’m not actively pursuing other jobs, but I’ll listen if they wanna talk.

Whatever dudes…we want Anthony Grant. Unfortunately, according to Kevin Scarbinsky of the Birmingham News, who talked to some “insiders familiar with Grant and his thinking,” the young VCU coach won’t consider Alabama. Readers beware, this Scarbinsky guy makes “earth-shattering” predictions weekly and hits on about 50% of them (which is a really low percentage considering he’s freaking journalist who should really be around the inside scoop every day of his life). According to the article, Grant will not go to Tuscaloosa but would rather go to Georgia, who won the SEC conference championship last year and is about to fire its coach.

Really Scarbinsky? “Insiders familiar with Grant and his thinking?” C’mon, man…be a professional. Grant may spurn Alabama for Georgia, like you say, but this is garbage. Either get a better source or learn how to write.

A Grant

4 comments on “Right Now Ed is Playing the Piano

  1. oskie says:

    All links? Come on now! 😉

  2. You know nobody cares about Alabama basketball outside the State of Alabama!

  3. Eor says:

    Let’s be honest here. After Saban miraculously pulled Bama football from the constraints of hell after being there for 10+ years, no one outside or inside, bama fan or not, really gives 2 gives shits about Bama basketball at all. I sat at work during the undefeated regular season this Fall and listened to co-worker after co-worker talk about Bama. You couldn’t go 2 hours without someone wanting to talk about Bama. However, I haven’t heard one conversation around the office about Bama basketball, exept when I announced that Gottfried was let go…and even then, I got no response. Bama is on the verge of granting every fans wishes…they aren’t going to let Bama basketball get in their way of that. Leave the basketball to the p*ssies of the ACC to get excited about. Winning is a lot more fun with 92,000+ other people around than it is with only 6,000 others.

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