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2009 UA Football Schedule



Red Elephants


UT DonkeyLane Kiffin is an ass. And not the kind Mick Jagger was singin’ about. The kind that wins a total of five games as a head coach, gets fired, and then gambols into the SEC, hires his daddy, pays millions of dollars to a staff that’s supposed to be the freaking League of Extraordinary Recruiters yet still comes up short on Signing Day, and then publicly runs his mouth, WRONGFULLY accusing another coach of violating recruiting rules.

That kind of ass.

I love the fact that Urban had to cheat and still didn’t get him.

– Lane “Nanny Nanny Boo Boo” Kiffin

You are, LANE. And until you beat him on the field, he’s COACH MEYER or MR. MEYER. Thought Monte raised you better, boy.

6 comments on “Ass…

  1. oskie says:

    I love it.

    No way no how did UT come up short on recruiting day, and you know it. Our ranking isn’t high because we didn’t sign 30 kids. We signed top notch talent only and saved tons of schollies for next year.

    Kiffin doesn’t have to impress anyone in the SEC except for the people wearing orange.

    Regardless of whether it was a violation or not, Urban playing the part of jealous girlfriend was a bitch move.

  2. Oskie,

    Of UT’s 19 signees so far, 7 were committed before Kiffin got there. Good job holding onto those guys after the coaching change – Fulmer’s a good man (in this circumstance) for not abandoning his school and keeping up with those guys (see the opposite at Auburn).

    On Signing Day, only 6 guys signed with the Vols who weren’t already committed. The big targets heading into the final stretch:

    Brown – NO
    Myles – YES
    Teague – YES
    Montgomery – NO
    White – NO
    Jeffery (WR) – NO
    Oku – TBD but has de-committed for now
    Lacy – NO
    B. Brown – TBD but probably will be ineligible b/c he has an agent
    Stokes – NO
    Patrick – NO
    Charles – TBD
    King – YES
    Kelly – NO
    Phillips – NO
    Richardson – YES
    Nelson – YES
    Jones – NO
    Jackson – YES

    Not the worst but not anywhere close to what “the best recruiting staff in the country” should accomplish. And only one “steal” from another school – without Jackson, this class is below mediocre. With him, mediocre. Chizik at Auburn has done more with less (and in a less amount of time) than Kiffin at UT.

  3. And his comment that Saban should thank Thompson for signing eight of UA’s guys – now that’s funny. After Thompson left, [Insert assistant who has a designated recruiting area and is good at following instructions from Saban here] just took over the vacancy.

    Damn, that comment by Kiffin was funny.

  4. oskie says:

    You aren’t looking at things the right way in my opinion. Kiffin swung for the fences, and in basically three weeks, he was able to lure top talent to Knoxville. I don’t know how you don’t call Teague, Richardson, Janzen Jackson, and Darren Myles steals on any planet!

    This Auburn stuff is token Bama message board garbage that I think you’re just reciting because everyone else said it today to try to insult UT. Do your own research. Compared to Auburn’s class, we hit a triple and they got a double. Sure, they got a ton of kids, and some great prospects. But we only signed 19 kids. NINETEEN. And they were all kids that we wanted and top-notch talent. Auburn signed 28 kids, and guess what? We STILL beat them out in the recruiting rankings after the addition of Janzen Jackson. Why? Because half of our signees are 4 star players or better. Then, almost all the rest are three stars. Average star ranking at Rivals for UT – 3.53 —– Auburn’s checking in at 3.21 because they signed several 2 star kids. Taking into account avg stars, and we are at the 12th position in the rankings.

    It takes more than three weeks to recruit. Yet we managed to salvage a class that was written off as a disaster in October.

  5. Have not even clicked on the ‘Bama message board garbage pit today.

    Interesting some of them may have the same take on it as me. It’s not a far-fetched conclusion…in fact it’s the most reasonable…that’s probably why more than one person came to it…

  6. Eor says:

    Tennessee is garbage. Kiffin and his staff are the joke of the SEC. And I agree Mookie, Lane should refer to Coach Meyer as Coach or Mr…I believe he has earned it. And WTF has Lane Kiffin ever done that is so impressive to make people think he will be a good head coach? Monty maybe, but Lane doesn’t have a chance. When people here the name ‘Lane’ in 10 years, it won’t be Lane Kiffin that comes to mind, my guess is that it will be Lane Frost.

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