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Tennessee Self-Reports Recruiting Violations

Storm CloudUnless Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin is an intergalactic terrorist wearing some poor human’s skin as disguise and roaming the Earth in search of a miniature galaxy inside a housecat’s collar, he has run out of feet to stick in his mouth.

Baby Lane KiffinLess than four days after Kiffin publicly and erroneously accused Florida coach Urban Meyer of violating NCAA rules, UT has self-reported two recruiting violations, according to an AP report.

The infractions cited are trivial and would normally not be worth mentioning, but in light of Kiffin’s recent imputations and overall belligerence, his behavior rating for class this week is stormy.

4 comments on “Tennessee Self-Reports Recruiting Violations

  1. oskie says:

    Everyone has them, and these were extremely minor and didn’t result in any kind of advantage to UT.

    I wish there was a way to punch you through the internet … guess I’ll just have to wait until I visit next time.

  2. Richard its your Mother says:

    Correct, but not everyone calls other coaches out falsely for making infractions…. Only to have to turn around and self report on themselves a week later. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…..Lane has been throwing a lot lately.

  3. You gotta admit the whole thing about Kiffin dragging Marlon Brown’s grandmother into it was a little rediculous. The parents or even the grandparents are always involved in recruiting. So you lost a recruit! big deal! Kiffin whines and cries like a spoiled little rich brat. Fulmer NEVER would have acted like this. This whole fly by the seat of your pants thing is going to end up biting Kiffin in the ass(if it hasn’t already).

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