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2009 UA Football Schedule



Red Elephants



Mookie Szpilman:

Mookie Szpilman (pronounced MOO-kee SHPEEL-mun) is a young philosopher who never allows bad facts to pollute good opinions.  He believes his tenure at The University of Alabama during the worst football years since the 50’s is credential enough for him to be an expert in most things college football.  


Richard, It’s Your Mother:

Richard, It’s Your Mother (RIYM) is a self-chiseled cosmopolitan from Muscle Shoals, Ala., with a degree from The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. His adolescent summers spent sweeping the mystical tile floor of the vocal booth at Muscle Shoals Sound recording studio triggered his insatiable appetite for music and led him to tarry in the art of picking guitars.

His Baptist Creator obviously wanted him to follow a different path, and RIYM lost both his thumbs during a catfish noodling misadventure on the Black Warrior River in the late spring of his collegiate freshman year. With only eight digits and flushed musical dreams, he has focused his plentiful energy on Crimson Tide football since that tragic spring.

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